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KUDA complete package FWD charging cradle
Your price advantage – a complete success!

Complete packages with universal hands-free
perfectly equipped – always well resolved.

Each desired package convinces with superb
Equipment. Trim lines are individually
selectable. Make your exact KUDA complete package
according to your wishes.
KUDA complete package FWD charging cradle
Make your KUDA Complete Package exactly according to your wishes.

Your price advantage - a great success.
Vehicle KUDA car phone console
for optimal positioning of the holder
(optional Mobilia-/Echt-/Farbleder)
Specific phone charger holder of Funkwerk Dabendorf
Base plate for Funkwerk Dabendorf charging cradle
EGO-Baseplate for Funkwerk Dabendorf Charging Holders
On-Glass Antenna MCA 1890 (either slim or stripe)
Complete your personal package price can be found here.
Perfectly equipped - always solved well
• by phone, the holder is the use of more than 70 handset models possible
• permanent charge function
• Rapid and cost-effective replacement of the charger when changing the phone
• optimum transmission and reception via the external antenna
• perfect positioning of the vehicle-specific bracket thanks KUDA car phone console

FIX and finished together, all from one source.
This saves you from any unnecessary purchase orders, shipping and logistics costs