Im Blickpunkt: Freie Sicht ist Pflicht

Now to draw and rethink!
With a clear view everything in sight.
The laws are tougher! No more hidden in Area of
Windscreen. Play it safe than sorry! Because navigation systems
better future in the vehicle are outside the field of view brought to.
With a clear view everything in sight
Mobile navigation devices in the area of the windshield by
Suction cup is installed and the vehicle driver's field of view is-
limits, this can lead to unpleasant consequences.
• Especially in service vehicles with caution.
   The protection of the trade association is in danger.

• In the worst cases, they could be fined.

• No question, the issue of attracting more and more circles.
   Even the legislature soon to be new registrations-
developments expect.
In very different ways to design the
Use of the devices on KUDA car phone and
Navigation consoles for trucks and vans.