KUDA Komplettpaket plus Mit Lade- und Gerätehalter, Navigationskonsole + Navigerät

KUDA complete package plus with loading and Holder & Console navigation + navigation device
The best prospects - your profit!

Play it safe than sorry!
Navigation devices attach better out of sight.

Only information, then. Mount
Loading and Holder complete packages of
Brodit manufacturer, and judges with Carcomm
KUDA navigation console and navigation
comes the brand Becker, Falk, Garmin,
Navigon and TomTom.
This combination offers you:
- Mounted on a clear view of the navigation console KUDA
- secure / stable maintenance
- High convenience through perfect positioning
- concealed cable routing possible

For you as a complete package from your manufacturer KUDA Phone Base
a unbeatable price.

All ready put together, all from one source.
This saves you from any unnecessary purchase order,
Shipping and logistics costs.