KUDA mobile phone consoles - boosting your sales

KUDA Car Telephone Consoles -
you increase your sales
For each category of vehicle, whether sports car
Upper class, middle class, small cars, vans
or truck, we provide you with our over 3500
different models for virtually every vehicle
the right KUDA car phone console.

Cost savings: Due to the fast and easy
Assembly compared to alternative products, save
They built a long time and high installation costs.
The drilling of holes in the valve is eliminated.
The result:You have a vehicle-specific TÜV-tested KUDA
Car phone console. The edges are rounded, the material is splitt secure.
Unsightly cables are hidden inside the console KUDA
out and no longer disturb the harmonious whole.

Meinten Sie: Auch Sonder Wünsche füllen wird. Exakt nach Ihren Vorgaben entwickelt
und gefertigt. Also requests are fulfilled. Developed exactly according to your specifications
and manufactured.

Everything from one source! This will save on every order unnecessary
Ordering, shipping and logistics costs.